Post 2 ads on Sydneycrackers com

Post 2 ads on Sydneycrackers com

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Job Details

  1. Go to
    1 Copy 2 ads from any of the below websites and post to (you cannot copy pics from gumtree so use screen print and save pic at desktop and upload to sydneycrackers)
    Rules (Note: you must follow the rules properly otherwise you won't get paid)
  2. Don't copy any porn or escort ads
  3. Copy the pics and ads exactly
  4. Try to find that type of ads which has phone number and emails
  5. When you post the ad. It must be under correct catagory , correct state, and correct address
  6. You must upload min 2 pics. So try to select the ad which has aleast 2 pics
  7. You cannot post the same ad twice.


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