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Sydneycrackers Create a Blog + Post

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Note: Make sure you must know how to create free blog on, you won't be paid if you didn't follow the guidelines properly.

Go to , if you have Gmail account or Yutube account you can use the same ID details, if you don't have create a new.

Tip: Watch this video how to create blog:

Keep any title of blog related to, like "The best classified on sydney" OR "Free classified on sydney" - Just be creative

I have already created, you can create like "" - Important: You must keep sydneycrackers at the beginning like - you cannot miss "sydneycrackers" word

Create the post

Keep any title related to - make sure u must include sydneycrackers word on title

Copy and paste below post :

" is a free and paid classified website. You can promote your website, business, organization for free.

For free advertising


see this example


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